One more year, I will participate at Gala de Zarzuela at Teatro Elma with Banda Ateneo Musical da Póvoa do Caraminhal, conducted by Manuel Sobral and accompanied by Alba López Trilho, soprano.

I will sing the romanzas “Amor, vida de mi vida” from Maravilla, “Oye bella prisionera” from La leyenda del beso and “Mi aldea” from Los Gavilanes; and also duets “Que está esto muy bajo” from La del manojo de rosas and “Somos dos barcas” from Katiuska.

I’ll collaborate with the Ancient Music Approach Workshop, that will take place on 8th November at Santa Cristina de Ribas de Sil within Espazos Sonoros music festival. It’s going to be hosted by Andrés Díaz; and María Gimenez, Felipe Rodríguez García, Uxía Delgado and Pablo Ruibal will also participate.

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Gabriel Fauré: Requiem

Ernani Aguiar: Aleluia Oxala

Eliseu Mera, baritone

Mila Ut, soprano

Orquestra Clásica de Vigo

Coral da Orquestra Clásica de Vigo

Friedenskirche Choir


Teatro Afundación, Vigo, 4th October, 20:30.

Fernando Swiech, conductor

Kulturkirche Altona, Hamburg, 12th October, 20:00.

Manuel Martínez, conductor

Zarzuela programme with Esperanza Mara (soprano) and Banda Ateneo Musical da Pobra at Teatro Elma, 11th and 12th August. For tickets reservation call 981 843 281.

I’ll sing the following pieces:

– Jacinto Guerrero: “Mi aldea”, Los gavilanes.

– José Serrano: “Junto al puente de la peña”, La canción del olvido.

– Pablo Sorozábal: “Calor de nido” and “Somos dos barcas”, Katiuska.

Pics from Telemann’s Der Schulmeister performance last June 30th, at Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Mercê, with Orquestra Praeludium and Escolania da Catedral de Santiago, conducted by Mateo Iglesias and José Luís Vázquez.

On Saturday, I’m back to the Baroque period -and to Compostela- with this marvelous cantata attributed to Telemann.

Last concert pics by Olalla Lojo, in which I sang Juan Eiras’ Labirinto azul (I). Poemário Vindel do Juan Eiras with Orquesta Clásica de Vigo.

Next March 15th, at Auditório Municipal de Vigo, I’ll sing again Juan Eiras’ Labirinto azul (I). Poemário Vindel with Orquesta Clásica de Vigo, conducted by Manuel Martínez. It’s my second collaboration with this orquestra with which I had sung Charpentier’s Te Deum.

This work, in which premiere I had participated on 2014, was programmed in order to say goodbye to the Pergaminho Vindel after staying for a few months at Museo do Mar de Vigo.

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A few days ago I received a very special proposal: performing Telemann’s comic cantata Der Schulmeister main role. It will take place next June, together with Escolania da Catedral de Santiago choir, conducted by my good friend José Luís Vázquez accompanied by Mateo Iglesias’ Praeludium orchestra.

Last December 23rd, Cándido Cabaleiro and me had the privilege of playing a small recital at Casa de Rosalia, even using the piano that belonged to the poet’s family. One of the pieces we chose was Fernando Buíde’s “Dous cantares”.